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Mar 12, 2014 9:30am PDT
and students as young as 10 years old. >> why "the hunger games" hassing in has ing nothing on this playground. >>> machu picchu is no place to do this. >> freaking. >> people are getting naked. >> hear about the crackdown by officials who are not down with it. >>> a young boy protects a chimp in diapers from a raging hyena. the scene that inspired the phrase weird stuff happens. >>> and if you think you have trouble getting to sleep, see one baby who's so not ready for bed. >>> here we go. >> this is happening on the grounds of a primary school or elementary school in western australia. two young females actually fighting each other. but pay close attention to all of the people standing there watching. according to police they say that these were both adults and students as young as 10 years old watching this happen, not stepping in to do anything and what's even worse some of them were inciting the violence, egging these fighters on. >> i don't understand why people don't realize when you film a fight like this and you are an adult, you are now implicated in this. you can get in t
Mar 22, 2014 7:00pm PDT
, has not been identified tonight. one neighbor says he saw the man and his weapon, just before the shooting. >> i heard a loud series of pops, thought it was firecrackers, but two or three at first and then a dozen or more after. >> waldo williams heard the gunshots from his home blocks away from the park, where man, seen carrying a gun, was confronted by police officers friday evening. the deputy police chief says the suspect raised his weapon when officers approached. >> does appear he drew the weapon and officers responded and shot him. reporter: the officers were not hurt. >> he had a read 49er jacket, red 49er hat. just about it. reporter: robin saw the man, 25 years old, in the park before he shooting. he says he was also wearing a holster with a gun. >> account like the fact i sigh a gow with a gun but he wasn't threatening to me. seemed like just this guy eat a burrito. staring out at the city. >> others who spotted the man called 9-1-1. police have not said if the man fired his weapon at officers. >> i'm up here with my eight week old daughter. it's skiery. >> the incident
Mar 24, 2014 6:00pm PDT
obvious and prominent. >> the orange landscape is the upside to the draught conditions on mount diablo. but for the hikers and bicyclist who cruise this as their playground, there is a down side. >> we neglected to bring any water with us, foolishly. >> francis who trains on the water knows to bring water but is used to refilling often. ed to, his refill stations were few and far between. >> i will bring two next time. i will be prepared next time. >> the main part of mount diablo's water supply relies on rainfall collected in underground springs. this year, they have gotten only 8 inches of rain. >> the springs are down to trickle. they have turned off almost all the faucets. they have replaced path rooms with port-a-potties. >> state parks are being asked to reduce by 20%. they are taking more drastic steps on mount diablo which doesn't seem to phase the regulars. >> it is not convenient, but it is something. better than nothing. >> we understand because there's no water. even the critters are coming down for water. >> when humans p find water these days, it is a bit like striking gold. >> were you surprised when you pulled upped to ain't said water here? >> absolutely. are you guys not surprised? >> yeah. it has been closed a while. >> reporter: water restrictions are already paying off. they have seen a 50% reduction. those who live up here on the mountain, the satisfy members, they are taking cuts as well. >>> paul says we are about to get a stretch of wet weather. that's good luck, paul. >> reporter: yeah. it is good news. and what a change. many of you hit the 80s today. livermore close to 80. foster city 74. richmond sunshine. 68degrees. way such an abrupt change? huge area of low pressure off to the west not blocked by a ridge of high pressure. the ridge is finally moving out. that will allow something else to move in, a significant prolonged pattern change. we will go through future cast. rainfall into the north bay tomorrow morning. raping in oakland, san francisco and san bruno no by 11:00. rain moves steadily into the bay area by tomorrow afternoon. it will be a wet commute as early as tomorrow morning in the north bay. we will all get rain tomorrow. this will be the begins of a pretty prolonged wet weather pattern. we could use every drop. we will talk about how much and how long, coming up. >> paul, we will see you then. >>> oakland police admit officers are stopping and searching african americans at a far higher rate than any other racial group. a new department report shoeblacks comprise 28% of oakland's population, but they accounted for 62% of the stops police made. the report was order 0 as a part of a mandated department reform. >>> central valley teenager being called a hero. he died after saving his girlfriend from an on coming train. they were on their way to a school dance friday in marysville. the two 16-year-olds were walking on the tracks. witnesses say a train came barreling down on them while their backs were turned. at the last moment, moore pushed his friend off the tracks. he was struck and killed. she was grazed by the train and is recovering at a local hospital. >> every indication that we have at this point is they were unaware the train was approaching. the train was blasting his emergency horn excessively. >> the accident happened near a crowded park. many people rushed over to try and save the two. witnesses say the teens seemed to be completely unaware that a train was coming. >>> cal ran is under fire for project that -- cal tran is under fair for a project. >> normally, this path would be filled with buy cig list trying to get a ride in before sunset. but not now because just up ahead they have closed it down almost as soon as they opened it. here is the story. >> since the bay bridge opened on labor days thousands of bicyclist and walkers have enjoyed the view from the span's bike path. but after only seven months, the entrance to that bike path that cost newspaper and a half million dollars to build is already being ripped out and replaced. >> why did we spend that money just to tate down? >> the thought was the -- tear it down. >> there was high demand. >> as it turns out, par of the ole bridge was in the way. >> they had to build a detour or a temporary connector to get people on the bridge. >> and it didn't come cheap. in fact, the cost of the temporary entrance came to about $47,000 a day. >> this is the thing we had to do in order to open it for everybody. we knew it would cost money. we knew it was temporary. it was really just about making it open for everyone. it was about doing it all at one time. >> now, remember, opening on time was a big deal for the bridge, especially after all the cost overrun. not to mention the $30 million bolt disaster that threatened to delay the opening for months. >> how much pressure was on to get the bike path open. >> the original plan for the bay bridge did not have the bicyclist path there. bike advocates thought it was the right thing to do. that was really the reason for it. >> what happens with all the railings and everything like that? seems like a waste. >> that, we are hopeful, given to the park district or perhaps the state parks. >> nothing on the bay bridge is cheap, as relearned. do anything out there, it costs a lot of money. >> reporter: now, they hope to have the new pathway in and up and running in the next 10 days, weather permitting. as you know, rain is coming up so we will see. i hope they get it done. at this price, they ought to. phil matier, kpix 5. >> meantime, the demolition work on the old eastern bay bridge span is speeding up. views from the water show holes in places where the road was. crews will soon start demolishing more of the super structure in the middle of the bridge. by this time next month you will be seeing a good sized fan in the old bridge. >>> tonight, people are discussing a controversial plan to role highly explosive fracked oil through the bay area. the plan brings jobs and money to the city. but as christin ayers tells us, not everyone is happy. >> reporter: in talking to people there about how they feel, a lot of them oppose this project. tonight, they will get to ask valero what kind they plan to pass through. so far they have been relatively vague about its plans to bring 70,000-barrels of crude a day through town, but scientists say they have convincing evidence that the crew valero will process is either canadian tar sand, the heaviest, dirtiest out there or north dakotabkin, which is flammable and has caused catastrophic and deadly explosions recently in quebec and the united states. >> when you start to remine those heavier, dirtier crude oil, all that pollution comes out into the community. we are really increasing the impact these refineries bring in these dirtier crews. >> so what do valero and union pacific railroad have to say about this? well, there was a railroad official passing out this safety record today touting their safety record k similar preasesi, but tonight for the first time we will get chance to -- impressive, but tonight we will get to talk to them about what they plan on bringing here. live in veneia, christin ayers. >>> a medical break through in the battle against valley fever. a group of doctors in fresno found way to diagnose is deadly fun gal disease through dna text. that would allow patients to start getting treatment almost immediately. before this, the diagnosis could take weeks. there is still no cure for the disease, but doctors say with early detection they can keep the symptoms in check. >>> facing a spike in violent crashes and a crippling staff shortage. thousand a bay area police department is overhauling its lament law enforcement tactic. >>> we asked the uc president what happened four-story the plan to freeze it for now. >>> the real estate road project why thousands of bay area homes may never be built because of owls. ,,,,,,,, [doorbell rings] hey. hey. what's this? it's u-verse live tv. with at&t u-verse... you can watch live tv from your device. hey. hey. anywhere in your home. [doorbell rings] hey. hey. so you won't miss a minute of ncaa march madness. call now to get a u-verse bundle for the same great price for 2 years. guaranteed. gang investigation ever in n mateo county. it's called: operation sunny day. the year-long crack-down has swept up sixteen suspects. they've been indicted for murder, attempted murder, conspiracy, armed robbery. it was called "operation suy day" because that's code wo used by gang members when a murder was committed. "(26:57) ..."indeed it is a sunny day because these 16 member felong that have read ty are in custo >>> police are calling it operation sunny day for a crack town in bang members. >> it is a sunny day today because these 16 gang member felons that have wreaked such havoc in our community are in custody. >> police say most of the defendants are connected to a fang based in east palo alto. >>> police in one bay area city have had it with bad drivers. kpix 5 reporter john ramos tells us it is so bad they are restructuring their whole department to get more officers out on the road. >> walnut creek didn't have a lot of vie -- doesn't have a lot of violent crime. when you hear complaints about crime here, it usually sounds like this. >> people run red lights here loot. >> about two and a half years ago, because of budget reductions, the motor unit was disbanded. city wide, only 3500 traffic citations were written last year compared to nearly 10,000 in 2010. and that has had an impact on places like this busy road ignacio valley road. >> citizens started noticing we weren't around. violations and starts started to increase. >> police management says retirement, injuries and competition from other police agencies have made it hard to maintain staffing levels. but now the cops are back with a popular new police chief and several food academy classes. the department is once again at full strength. >> there is lot to be said for moral. people are very excited about the new leadership. excited about the new schedule. >> officers will work three 12 and a half hour shifts per week and be responsible for specific areas of the city with special imfavorites sis on downtown. various specialty units will be restored, including the motor unit with four motorcycle officers by summer. it has been a channeling time for mastaba police departments, but things seem to be turning around here. >> there are always hurdles. it's fun under the new leadership and the momentum we're going. it's a great city. good place to work. >> in wall mutt creek, john ramos, kpix 5. >> police tell us the restructuring comes at know additional cost to tax payers. >>> netflix's shares cropped today due to a possible partnership between apple and comcast. that is the biggest decline since october. the rumor fueling the drop, apple wants to deliver comcast television through an apple tv set top box. it plans to have it for sell by christmas. >>> a burrowing owl colony is creating quite a slap other a dublin housing development. the city has already approve the project. the plan calls for 2,000 homes to be on the site just north of the station. activist have now sue the city to stop it. they say there isn't a food plan to deal with the owls that already live there. it is one of the last known -- good plan to deal with the owls. they are not endangered right now. the developer has promised to build a new habitat for the bird. >>> paul deanno standing by. he says this weather has been for the birds lately. now the birds will love it. the ducks will love it. >> reporter: yeah. we need the rainfall. birds will be singing. this was a good balance because four weeks we had not a drop of rain and it will last a while now. several days of rainfall beginning tomorrow. i know you're looking outside. not a clue this is coming, but it is. here the a look from dublin. things nice and green up there now. burr we need more rainfall to keep it that way. mother nature providing this week. nothing right now. high def doppler is dry. as soon as this blocking ridge of high pressure moves, it can't block anything from us anymore. so whatever is out in the pacific will come here. here is the ridge of high pressure already on its way out. by tomorrow, it exits stage right and low pressure fronts and storms and rainfall. much need rainfall will make it here. we have rain moving in tomorrow morning for the forth bay. all of us get it tomorrow afternoon. now, don't focus on the low pressure icon, watch the arrows. we will zoom things out. the train tracks in the atmosphere. the storm track is aimed right at northern california. that will not move because the ridge of high pressure is not coming back. once they are right over top of us, car after car, after car, of rainfall, if you will. storm after storm will finally be able to make it here. there is one day over the next week where i don't think we will see any rain. that will be thursday. by sunday night, over the next week, we will see about an inch to inch and a half of rainfall. less in the south bay. north bay will get two to three inches of rainfall. much more as you head toward fort bragg. so, rain is coming. it will add up to a nice, significant total. san rafael tomorrow, 62. livermore 64. mountain view, 64. look at this forecast. what a change. rain wednesday. tiny little break on thursday. >> uh-huh. >> reporter: rainfall. lot of you have emailed me. a wash out, no. but will rain impact your outdoor plans? absolutely. >> you said for some reason everyone is coming to your office for this weekend and not any other weekend. >> reporter: yeah. >> what's going on? >> never fails. you plan for something and it never rains. the weekend you want to do something, it rains. thank you. appreciate that. >> reporter: you're welcome. >> thanks. >>> desperate to find clues in the missing mal plane. >>> as uc students face foible possible tuition hikes, we -- face possible tuition hikes, we ask the school's president about her plan to freeze tuition. ,,,,,,,,,,,,,, p of neighbors i >>> social media bringing new meaning to the term neighborhood watch. a group of neighbors recently created a face back page to fight back against crime and help victims. it's already getting results. they say the page helped them collect money to replace scooters and skate boards stolen from the children of a recently deployed soldier. >> we talked to the little bit. he said the skate board was his remembrance of his dad and he really misses him right now. >> so far, the waterman neighborhood watch has over 1,000 members. >>> governor brown has got a ton of campaign cash for his rewe collection, nearly $20 million so far. and that's way more than his republican competitors. for example, former treasury official has raised one and a half million dollars. >>> some uc students are frustrate the price of tuition may go up again. not just because they might have to pay more. the new uc president wanted to freeze tuition hikes there next school year. cbs reporter rob mcalister own why that promise is looking a little shaky. >> university of california college students were told their tuition would remain flat. but that is exactly what may soon be happening. >> that's really terrible. >> uc davis students like byron say they barely make ends meet. >> for me, i have a son. i really rely on lower tuition, especially this year. so, to kind of break that promise to students i think is awful. >> the governor has proposed $142 million more per year for the schools but only tuition remains flat. but what happens if tuition rises? we got answers. >> the money that is increased in the budget is predicated on the fact that both uc and csu keep their levels flat. >> they say it is too early to know if there will be an we vernal tuition hike. >> we will let the numbers float around. i will say, our intent is to hold the freeze as long as we can. >> students say it makes them nervous to think n't higher tuition and it would mean more debt when they graduate. >> if they increase it, i have to start thinking if i can pay those loan. >> that $140 million assistance from the state is still not guaranteed. it does need approval from the senate as well as the asemi my. >> the governor wants tuition to stay where it is at least until 2071. >>> coming up in -- 2017. >>> coming up, anguish after hearing of the fate of the missing mal plane. how technology in the bay area is playing a crucial role in the search for crews. >> i have trouble talking about it. >>> the agonizing wait for a father whose son is missing after this deadly mud slide in washington state. >>> how fire extinguishers have become poe at the present time weapons for bay area taggers who use extinguishers. ,,,,,, the great american novel. so you can happily let life get in the way, while planning for tomorrow. so you can finish the great american novel banking for the life you have investing for the life you want chase. so you can miss ane. >>> now at 6:30, horror and disbelief following the most definitive news credit about the missing mall airlines plane. that plane still has not been found more than two weeks after it disappeared. but as allen martin reports, for the first time, family members of the 239 people on board have word on its fate. that's tough to take. >> really hard day. >> malaysian executives say they are convinced based on new at slight information that the flight crashed in the indian ocean off australia. authorities say the flight ended in the waters of the south indian ocean with no survivors. all 239 people lost. >> it's been 17 days. they simply just give us this result. how can people bear this. >> the possible fate of the flight came from a definitive statement by the malaysian prime minister. >> it is therefore with deep sadness and regret that i must inform you that according to this new data, flight mh 370 ended in the southern indian ocean. >> a spokesperson says they met and called most family members before sending them this text message before the prime minister spoke. there was screaming, cursing and crying. some so distraught they had to be wheeled out of the meeting on emergency beds. after 17 days of hope, the raw pay of the moment -- pain of the moment setting in. official says they have a lead. they spotted two objects in the key search area. one of them is a gray or green circular object. tore, an orange rectangular object. answers were givenned to, but the mystery remains. >> so what caused that crash? investigators say there is still a range of possibilities. terrorism, pilot suicide, mechanical failure. none of those have been ruled out at this time. >> amazing. >> they can't get their hands on anything to have it analyzed, but that will come. >> hope so. allen, thank you for that. kpix 5's mark sayer shows us how satellite technology is helping crews search for that missing plane. mark. >> reporter: a five-year-old company already has a high resolut
Mar 6, 2014 3:00pm PST
little deer has a little problem. it's got christmas lights wrapped around its neck. >> wait for christmas lights, too, maybe clean them up. >> this little deer got stuck and officer sweet was off-duty, went to visit his mom and found the deer and decided he'd help out. he talked to lance wheeler about it. >> what did you think and do? >> immediately i knew the deer was in distress tried to run away because it was wrapped around his neck and leg at the same time. >> as you can see here the deer kind of backs away, wait a minute, man, what are you up to? >> it's okay. easy. easy, buddy. easy buddy. >> look how tight the lights are around his neck. >> he's a little guy, too. he's a fuzzy deer. >> he does whip out the knife. >> right there. >> so, the deer actually stays put as he begins to cut the lights off. >> it looks like one of those net lights, too, you know, the kind they throw over a bush. it's basically like a wire net for this animal. >> eventually the deer does stand up but it's still giving him the doe eyes, like, hey, thanks, man i really appreciate it. >> at the end a
Mar 28, 2014 10:00am EDT
rose 0.2% in the month. cbs's billboard business has gone public and will start trading any minute now. raising $560 million. it will still be 83% owned by cbs corporate but eventually cbs shareholders will own all. chris christie says he is still baffled by decisions his formal -- former aides made in the george washington bridge scandal. the new jersey governor made the comment in an interview with abc news anchor diane sawyer. >> when things were first reported i said, this can't possibly be true, because who would do something like that? sometimes people do inexplicably stupid things. so that is what makes it so hard, as the guy in charge. none of it made any sense to me. to some extent, still does not. >> the interview coming on the same day a report that christie commission found he had no knowledge of the bridge closures. the final call for obama care. americans have until monday to sign up for health care insurance. though the deadline is a little soft, let's say. the big question -- are enough healthy people, the so-called young invincibles signing up? we have the presiden
Mar 6, 2014 11:34pm PST
true or not, but let's take a look at some of these items and see what you guys think. he has $4 billion to turn all school buses into really long yellow priuses. [ applause ] i don't see how that --it's a a little unnecessary. he also earmarked $1.5 million for rescuing every dog in that sarah mclaughlin commercial. [ applause ] i can get behind that. a little expensive, but i can do it. >> steve: a little pricey. >> jimmy: very, very sad. and then finally he put aside $80 million to round up all guns, melt them down, and turn them into pens to sign gay marriage licenses. [ cheers and applause ] that's a little extreme. [ applause ] i see where the conservatives are coming from. but more drama out of washington, d.c. yesterday on c-span, democratic congressman elijah cummings got into a shouting match with republican darrell issa after issa turned off his microphone during a hearing. big fight. bunch of yelling, followed by the mike being cut off, or as we call it in my family, a a wedding toast. [ applause ] had enough. we had enough. i just wanna say -- all right. some interna
Mar 4, 2014 10:00pm EST
well. stephen hadley, former advisor to president bush, michael mcfaul who has been ambassador to russia for president obama, and nicholas burns, who is a diplomat. welcome. >> thank you. >> what is it about the foreign-policy that you consider feckless? >> among other things, the entire approach to vladimir putin and russia says the president came to office, we have had to reset in a conversation overheard. he said to medvedev to tell vladimir i will be more flexible. he continued denial that is east-west or cold war. it may not be as far as barack obama is concerned, but vladimir putin said the greatest disaster of the 20th century was the fall of the soviet union, to him it is clearly east-west, cold war. he views crimea has a vital part of russia and he was not about to give it up and a major naval base. i think this was all predict able, but -- predictable, but a degree of naÏvetÉ is astounding. >> he has allowed for them to have been able discontinue. >> i'm not sure. -- to continue. >> i'm not sure. once the genie is out of the bottle, it is hard to put the brakes on thin
Mar 21, 2014 5:00am PDT
announced additional sanctions against russia, which has responded by announcing its own sanctions. the leaders of the 28 eu member states discussed the annexation issue in brussels. they announced they're adding 12 individuals in russia and ukraine to a list of people subject to travel bans and asset freezes. >> the european council has decided to expand the list of individuals subject to visa ban and asset freeze. some of them are really high ranking. >> this raises the total numb kwer of people subject to eu sanctions to 33. the numbers of the 12 have not been released. the eu leaders say they're canceling a summit with russia scheduled in june, while individual member states say they'll call off bilateral summits with the country. for its part, the united states is also taking aim at russian individuals and corporations. the measures include freezing assets in the u.s. held by 20 top businessmen and officials. >> we're imposing sanctions on more senior officials of the russian government. in addition, we are today sanctioning a number of other individuals with substantial resources
Mar 3, 2014 9:00am PST
from the truck has dumped onto this woman's nissan. rescuers are trying to get her out and this is a race against time because that cement can set in a matter of minutes, right? >> you see that her arm is moving. >> she's able to move but she's in bad shape because the car is smashed. her boyfriend was in the car as well, he was able to get out. this is a 35-year-old yim, they were driving took the wrong way and caused the accident, but the cement, that the cement truck was carrying toppled over and dumped all over her car. she's stuck in there for 40 minutes. these guys are sawing and cutting and trying to get her out. the "daily mail" has photos. you can see the pain, agony. she was cramped. >> to look at this car, you would never believe that someone alive was inside of it. >> after a while, you see they're able to dislodge her from the vehicle and you can see -- >> but where's the backboard, the neck brace? they're kind of carrying her out. >> they're getting her over to that, to the stretcher there. i think it was a matter of getting her out as quick as possible because they d
Mar 23, 2014 12:00pm PDT
la raza gracias por estar en enfoque. >> hola josÉ. >> vamos a comenzar contigo, el presidente ha dicho que estÁ pidiÉndole a su director de seguridad nacional que le traiga un reporte muy especÍfico para ver cÓmo se estÁn llevando a cabo las deportaciones a ver si se puede cambiar algunas de las cosas que tanto daÑo le hacen a nuestra comunidad. >> claro. >> piensa usted que no es suficiente?. >> no es suficiente yo creo que sÍ hay espacio para que el presidente pueda priorizar ciertas deportaciones dentro de nuestra comunidad especialmente yo creo aliviar a esas personas que estÁn, que tienen familias que tienen mÁs de ciertos aÑos. >> ¿quÉ pudiera hacer?. >> yo creo que puede trabajar con el... security el presupuesto que le otorgan a Él para ejecutar esta ley le da cierto espacio para priorizar ciertas deportaciones, no quiere decir cÓmo hacer deportaciones creo que ahÍ hay un espacio para que pueda actuar. >> con larisa la semana ante paa nombrÓ al deportodor copresiden deportodor en jefe algo que molestÓ muchÍsimo, el presidente y su gente dicen que Él sim
Mar 3, 2014 5:30pm PST
the world has to say. and now that the world has gone home from the olympic games, now the world has witnessed what happened in the center of kiev, vladimir putin has sent troops in. he has moved on the eastern portion of the ukraine make no doubt he considers a part of russia by heritage, if not officially. it is where we begin our coverage tonight during an undeniably dicey time overseas. andrea mitchell happens to be at andrew's air force base where she is about to depart with the secretary of state for kiev. andrea, good evening. >> reporter: good evening, brian. the president has been meeting with his national security team before sending secretary kerry to kiev later tonight from here at andrews air force base. they are considering tough economic sanctions against russia. the question is, is vladimir putin even paying attention. russia's leader today pointedly showing off his military might, signaling he is not about to back down, despite criticism from europe, and an unprecedented 90-minute call, a tough one with president obama who repeated his warning today. >> what cannot b
Mar 7, 2014 11:34pm PST
pacman? ha-ha. "a" yes. "b" no. [ laughter ] it does a little bit. >> steve: it did look like pacman. >> jimmy: it did look like pacman. >> steve: it made me laugh. [ laughter ] >> jimmy: that wasn't the question. >> steve: yeah. >> jimmy: of course another big story is the ongoing situation in ukraine, which has caused a a lot of tension between the u.s. and russia. but, get this. nasa has announced that it will continue to work with russia's space program even though the pentagon has severed ties with the russian military. when asked why, scientists in both sides were like, "cause we're building a robot army --er, nothing." [ laughter ] [ applause ] here's some lighter news, i thought this was very interesting. this week marks the 50th anniversary of the buffalo wing. [ cheers and applause ] yeah. which means it also marks the 50th anniversary of that celery stick nobody wants. [ laughter ] dried up and weird. [ laughter ] i don't know if you guys are aware of this or not but tomorrow is the fifth annual national day of unplugging. when people are encouraged to turn off their phone
FOX News
Mar 4, 2014 12:00pm PST
. a critical area for shipping right on the black sea. in addition, russia has a huge navy base there and it is russia's only port that doesn't freeze in the winnerter. as much as western ukraine tries to align withure open and the rest of the west, it is clear president putin does not want to give up russia's grip on this region. president putin's troops surrounded military base, blocked ships and raided government buildings. that happened in the early going. they essentially took complete control of the region, all with no bloodshed. as the stand-off drags on tonight, we are seeing signs that the tension is, indeed, building. as i mentioned, fox news confirmed minutes ago russia did test fire a long-range intercontinental ballistic missile. defense officials tell fox news they were expecting that launch. we will get much more from our pentagon correspondent, jennifer give in, in a few minutes. more signs of tension in the crimea. a russian soldier firld his gun in the air to hold back angry ukrainian troops. that situation ended with no violence at all. in fact, most of the ru
Mar 8, 2014 12:36am PST
how the monologue goes. [ laughter ] some international news. the pentagon has confirmed that russia has begun large-scale air defense drills. just in case they're attacked by you ukraine's helicopter. [ laughter ] [ cheers and applause ] this weekend -- this weekend we turn our clocks forward for an hour. so remember, if you have any clocks, why? [ laughter ] why do you have a clock? [ laughter ] no surprise here but a news study has named los angeles the worst american city for gridlock. [ light laughter ] while portland remains the best american city for dreadlock. [ laughter ] [ cheers and applause ] are you okay with me making a portland joke? that was okay? [ light laughter ] because i know you can get very sensitive. >> fred: i do. but i approved of that one. >> seth: okay, great. [ laughter ] a british couple obsessed with airplanes spent $67,000 turning the first floor of their house into an airplane cabin. [ light laughter ] the renovation includes airplane seats, airplane lighting, and this is the best part -- a woman who won't stop coughing. [ laughter ] that's really to
Mar 27, 2014 12:00pm EDT
sufficient second? there appears to be. the yeas and nays are ordered. all time has expired. under the previous order, the question occurs on amendment number 2867 offered by the senator from nevada, mr. reid. the yeas and nays were previously ordered. the clerk will call the roll. vote: vote: the presiding officer: are there any senators in the chamber wishing to change their vote? if not, the yeas are 98. the nays are 2. the amendment is agreed to. the clerk will read the bill for a third time. mr. reid: madam president? madam president? the presiding officer: the majority leader. mr. reid: i'm hoefpl and confident the -- i'm hopeful and confident the next two votes will be by voice. we expect to have the next vote at around 1:45 today. the presiding officer: the clerk will read the bill for a third time. the clerk: calendar number 328, h.r. 4152, an act to provide for the cost of loan guarantees for ukraine. the presiding officer: under the previous order the question occurs on passage of h.r. 4152. all in favor will say aye. all opposed nay. the ayes have it. the ayes do have it. t
Mar 25, 2014 12:00pm PDT
you can also follow online at >>> the search for malaysia airlines flight 370 has stopped due to heavy winds and swells in the indian ocean. the search area now is narrowed but still about the size of the state of alaska. improved weather should allow the search to continue tomorrow a day after malaysia's prime minister confirmed the plane had crashed in a remote part of the southern indian ocean killing all 239 on board. >>> some new developments into last night's deadly naval station shooting in norfolk, virginia. the civilian suspect who shot and killed a sailor last night did not have his own weapon. investigators say he disarmed an officer on watch. the shooting happened around 11:30 last night on board the uss mahan. the male suspect had permission to be on the base but breached security to get on the destroying. security forces killed the suspect while the base was on temporary lockdown. >>> today we're hearing frantic calls for help following the mud slide northeast of seattle. >> oh, yeah, man i got a big emergency! there is a house on 530 and a big slide and it i
Al Jazeera America
Mar 1, 2014 10:00pm EST
. someone who finds art where no one has locked. to a couple bound by creativity and become pulled apart by it. this is your 2014 oscar nominated documentaries. as america's war on terror creating new enemies wherever it spreads. the claim of disturbing documentary "dirty wars." >> it's hard to say when this story began. this was supposed to be the front line in the war on terror but i knew i was missing the story. there was another war hidden in the shadows. a night raid. >> so two men in the guesthouse where the first people were killed. >> you saw the us forces take bullets out of the body? >> who were these men who stormed into the hotel and why would they go to such horrifying lengths to cover up their action. >> how would a covert unite taken over the largest war on the planet. >> they're dismissing what you've done. >> why are you still alive? are you paranoid? >> geremi scahill with first hook media which launches in the next few months and wrote and produced "dirty war." it's great to have you here. your movie starts very disturbingly with an attack of a raid in southern a
BBC America
Mar 18, 2014 6:00am EDT
discount. and we give importance to those two corridors. and this has been done with our international partners, as mentioned by the minister. >> (inaudible). (inaudible). >> where are you from? france. the expert from france with the questions. yes, i can talk from here. i don't know what i'm supposed to be protected from. >> (inaudible). >> there is a possibility of malfunction. but the satellite communication system was still active until the last time it was picked up. so like i said, there's some functionality in the system, except the reporting system was disabled. >> from china. malaysia's government -- national security concern. could you please specify what kind of information you are refusing to disclose. (inaudible). >> in fact, on the contrary. i stated on record that we had put national interest by disclosing our military raw data. and if we did not disclose this data we would not have gone and searched in these two areas. and if we did not get help and cooperation for international agencies like the ntsb we would not be able to look at the satellite data. so the aoe quest
Mar 7, 2014 5:30am PST
crimean parliament -- when the crimean parliament voted to do that. the move has been criticized be ukrainian and international officials. to discuss this, i'm joined by leila. we have been focusing on reaction from washington from brussels. they are not the only ones closely following the situation. how our regional countries reacting? the foreign ministers of poland, hungary, the czech republic, and slovakia met with foreign ministers of the northern and baltic states in a border town in estonia. they have been monitoring the situation was alarmed because many of these countries share borders with russia or ukraine. they have a living memory of soviet dominance and have large ethnic populations. they have been pushing for a strong european response to the crisis because they are very alarmed at the situation. it must be said what happen in crimea is not likely to be repeated in these countries. many of them are e.u. member states and belong to the nato alliance. now that vladimir putin appears to be extremely frustrated with the lack of russian influence. russia is losing influenc
Mar 18, 2014 11:30pm EDT
editor at the atlantic. he has the most fun job. he is going to moderate what i suspect is a feisty panel. follow by a one-on-one interview with governor knorr quest. i can't -- governor knorr quest -- norquest. he was the chief economist and the office of the vice president. director of the washington .enter for growth a senior fellow at the center for american progress. bill hoagland, one of my colleagues from the senate. bill clinton takes credit for balancing the budget, but pete domenici had a hand in both and the bill hoagland was his hatchet man. can --guiness is president of the committee. i have never seen in organization -- it was shipwrecked and dead. she has turned it into one of the most important tax in the country -- pacs in the country. yves smith. everything about her is provocative. finally, capping off the import have jim pinkerton. stand up, jim. he is a contributor for the american conservative magazine. a senior fellow at the new america foundation. good luck with this panel. >> if the last panel had a -- the should be a fun one. we are talking about the domest
Al Jazeera America
Mar 18, 2014 10:00am EDT
sanction vladimir putin, who will you talk to. vladimir putin has shown that when america does something to push him, he pushes hard. so you have pepsi cola, mcdonald's, all the american interests, and so far they haven't gone after those, although the russian threatened that they might. it's a delicate balance of power, and diplomacy still should be given a chance. >> given the diplomacy, it's interesting to listen to the public comments that the leaders say. i want to play sound from president obama's sanctions announcement on tuesday and get your reactions, watch. >> going forward we can cal brit our response based on whether russia chooses t de-escalate. >> that was monday, can that put pressure on russia, a calibrated off? >> some would back off. they went beyond crimea for five seconds, but then went back. even though they occupy the power plant. nonetheless they went back to crimea. there is pressure, vladimir putin is trying to decide how much and how more scary he can get. he doesn't want to get too scary for the west. he will no longer be a partner for the west. for someone like v
Mar 10, 2014 8:00am EDT
passports. has ports that were reported stolen even two years ago. >> if these facts are right, and it sounds like they are, it was a huge failure on the part of the airline and the aviation authority in a while a lump or. it cannot be happening -- inco .ell alone for --kuala lumpur sounds like an idiosyncratic glitch. >> is at the airport or airline responsible? >> it could be the airlines, the airport, or the custom authorities who control your exit. any number of those places could check against the database and find out whether the passport you declared as your own was in fact reported lost or stolen a year ago. >> what is happening right now in this investigation? walk me through. >> it is a huge and complex investigation. into anot yet coalesced single investigation. probably many going on simultaneously. it is a different type of investigation whether it is an air accident or terrorism. the front agencies involved, political implications, techniques. right now both will proceed in parallel with partial court nation. then there is a multinational dimension. there will be a lot
Al Jazeera America
Mar 2, 2014 2:00pm EST
sneak peek at the preparations being made ahead of tonight's academy awards. ♪ ♪ >>> ukraine has ordered full military mobilization in response to russian moves on the southern region of crimea. the acting president says that the country is now on the brink of disaster. and is calling up every single military reservist. russian troops have surrounded the ukrainian military base and askeand -- an act that the ukran prime minister calls a declaration of war. the head of the navy has been fired for treason. lawrence lee has this report. >> reporter: this appears to be perhaps the one place ukraine's forces in crimea are putting up any resistence, behind these walls is a ukrainian special forces base. the ukrainian fining is still up and they have apparently refused to give in to those surrounding them. yet as elsewhere the russian or pro russian forces appears relaxed. it's all as if to say they are only here to stop anyone from harming russian civilians. theye priested turned up he had been blessing soldiers, i asked him if this would end peace of the i. no, he said, they planned t
Mar 22, 2014 12:21pm EDT
. >> hello. k davidson from politico. much has been made about the fact you and your predecessor agreed and shared many of the same policy views. can you tell us one way in which your chairmanship will be >>ferent and ben bernanke's? we are committed to the same set of goals. as i indicated, my goal, and i will throw myself into this as wholeheartedly as i can, is to make as rapid progress as we possibly can in getting the recovery back on track in putting americans back to work and back in jobs. and moving up to levels of the committee's target of two percent. my predecessor was devoted to that also. strengthening the financial progress.a work in he made large inroads in strengthening the financial system. there is more work to be done. i have a long to do list. to seeigh priority further work done in addressing too big to fail. we have a to do list of things we want to accomplish and in assessing threat to financial one ofty because neither us, no one wants to live through a financial crisis like the last one. we want to be extremely aware of emerging threats to the financial s
Mar 2, 2014 6:30am EST
third term. he is showcasing the influence on the world stage. and he has the big moe. from the syrian peace talks, russian diplomacy is thriving the agenda the u.s. and the eu along for the ride. now, the on beginning ukraine problem reveals russia's breech. there is the russian military, putin has modernized the nuclear weapon, missiles, and navy, toteablely, his submarine fleet. this week, russia mobilized 50,000 troops on ukraine borders are tanks, artillery, and apower. all of this, unscheduled military maneuvers. they were announced midweek, through proper channels. but with little advanced notice. they are scheduled to last through monday, march 3. one of vladimir putin's ambitions for russia, pat. >> jon, the united states and the west had the advantage over russia, they removed thna alliance and cut them out of the oil, we ignored him. what he is doing and also yell tin brought the country down to where it was a joke. he wants to restore national around global respect for russia. he has gone a long way to doing that. he wants to restore them as a great power and he also wants
Mar 17, 2014 6:00pm EDT
and weirdly the estimates continue to remain high. remember what has to happen to break the cycle of pain. first the e mats have to come down to a level where they can be beaten and our stock market has to stop caring about china. those two things will occur simultaneously but we're still not there yet. they become can't-miss shorts frankly. given all the weakness and hand wringing about the slowing of global growth, i think it seemed to most hedge funds that the one sure thing would be that the market would take a real hit and tank after the crimean election yesterday that we all knew would be won by the russian faction. there's vladimir putin seeking to take over ukraine and at least a part of it splitting the navy army from russia. this does look ear imsimilar to the run-up to world war ii, when they were provoking the countries to take actions so they could go on the offensive. putin's a nicer guy than hitler, most backhanded compliment ever. you have to admit putin is using hitler's play book in asserting ukrainian thugs are hurting russians? the russians will have to pay for th
Mar 18, 2014 12:00am PDT
station from viewers like you. thank you. feinsteinator dianne has said that the cia allegedly spied on congress to thwart its investigation into cia wrongdoing, including the use of advanced interrogation practices, also known as torture. it has erupted into charges that the cia has violated the constitutional guarantee of separation of hours. joining us from new york to talk about these allegations and implications for the future is tim weiner, former national security reporter for the new york times and author of the best-selling text "legacy of ashes". speaking of the history of the cia, does this surprise you at all given their history? >> it does not get a lot worse than this. this is the most serious hostages in a confrontation between congress and the cia since the cold war. -- the most serious constitutional confrontation between congress and the cia since the cold war. run a, the united states, secret intelligence service under the rule of law? tavis: one at a time. first, the moral problem is what ? >> the moral problem is that for the duration of the george bush pre
Mar 23, 2014 3:00am PDT
client for the landlord has provided the other half of the relocation expenses, to the tenants. and in addition to that, during that procedure, of them moving out, our clients in the property owner mr. clammer has had the tenants personal property claim pack removed pursuant to the analytical and the recommendations of the restoration of the management company which was one of the requests that the board put forth they last hearing, in addition to the substantial progress that was noted on the two pages in our supplemental, and our march 12th supplemental report that was provided to the board we have had the further progress at the property, including at this time, all plumbing repairs of the property have been completed, and any, and all major window repairs have been completed. and we are in the progress of scheduling a painter to begin preparation to perform painting and related tasks at the property. the sandblasting of the radiators is complete, and the repair of the electrical issues are the majority of the repairs of the electrical issues are complete and i think that the inspec
Mar 27, 2014 8:00pm EDT
of the people. likes vladimir putin's annexation of crimea has reasserted the role of geography in the political world. a new book considers the volatileons of another region, the south china sea. caubook is called "asia's ldron." i'm pleased to have robert kaplan at the table. >> thank you. >> let me start with the ukraine. how do you see it through the you havethe book written about jogger fee? >> there is a difference between analysis and policy. analysis has to be cold all -- cold-blooded. policy has to be moral. what we have seen with the speech in europe was moral inspirational leadership. here is the problem. jogger where the story fee tells. ukraine is thrust so far forward east, and the social asia lead developed by russia -- so far east, and so developed by russia, the ukraine was where russia started. ukraine matters more to any russian leader then it matters to the united states, or even leaders in europe. as president obama's job to say no,the europeans to it matters to us. we die for our ideals through the 20th century. we cannot let this stand. obama knows the diffic
FOX News
Mar 15, 2014 3:00pm PDT
with the ground. now, that has led to a massive search effort which is now focusing on two possible flight paths. looking as far north as kazakhstan and south into the indian ocean. molly henneberg has the very latest for us live in washington. this hour, what's new? >> reporter: according to malaysian authorities, the plane's last contact with air traffic control was at 1:22 a.m nearly seven hours after that, at 8:11 a.m., the plane sent a final ping to a satellite. but the rest of the plane's communication systems were shut off from the inside and some aviation experts say not everyone would know how to do that. >> it would have to be either the crew or a highly skilled pilot and also a pilot such as myself with a military ability and knowledge to know exactly what you're talking about. how to evade radars. how to fly under them. >> there are reports that at one point, the plane apparently flew as high as 45,000 feet. one pilot says that may give us some clues about what was happening inside the plane. >> i'm afraid, though, that when they took the airplane to 45,000 feet, i think
Mar 15, 2014 2:30am PDT
building in l-shape and address all the streets, it has about a 10-foot bulk exception. but we made up for that, we think, by sculpting the top of the building -- and i think in your packet you'll see that the building steps down to both buildings on either side on van ness and filbert so that the height limit steps down gracefully to the center building on both street. so, we think these variances are a good common ground for all property owners on that street. we think historically it has merit and today it has merit. we've asked for a bay window variance and this is a really small technical variance, but we just want to do square contemporary bay windows and that kind of historic victorian on a bay window. so, the sum total of all our bay windows on any floor is less than what would be prescribed if we did the prescriptive pick or yum on it, if you will ~. so, we're asking for approval tonight of a family oriented project. there's 18 very large two-bedroom units. there's eight three bedroom units and one small one bedroom. so, it is family sized. it's appropriate for pacific heig
Mar 7, 2014 5:00pm EST
middle of the night not to be a burden on their site. >> it has been around in one form or another going back to 2001. a talentmpany is acquisition and technology company. run to sites. >> jobdig, how is that different? >> jobdig is focused more on recruiters and staffing and temp agencies. it grew up as a multimedia site combining print, web, radio, and talent acquisition. >> i got to put two jobs report that we got today. 175,000 jobs created. unemployment rates stay flat. six point -- 6.7%. what kind of reaction do you get? anyt was a great report time it comes in better than expected. it is obviously good news. we were bullish on the report this morning. the highest call on the estimates. >> you are the only person who got it right. >> it was -- we basically based our report on strong numbers that we have seen since the first of the year. in january, new total listings took a pretty sharp jump. -- the newose 27%. listings rose 27%. this was based on a combination of new and total listings and we create a blended average of those two. total listings went up 11% and total went up
Mar 17, 2014 9:00am PDT
has not. this has come about so quickly yet we have not had time to prepare. no one has been consulted. i think this has to be up for review. there is enough activity on van ness anyway with that new hospital. i'm a volunteer there, have been for 22 years, at cpmc, but we really didn't need it. so, we have to think of these things and be mindful. san francisco is the best place on the planet. let's just keep it that way. thank you. >> thank you. is there further public comment? okay, seeing none, public comment is closed. commissioner moore. >> just to clarify what we're doing, given the length of time that this project was in front of the commission 11 years ago, definitely has deferred back to what the previous commission decide. d. however, when the project is expired, it come forward for new applications. [speaker not understood] it is to uphold what was previously done. we have the right to reconsider and that is just said for the public and while i'm respectful, it is easy to say this project is definitely better than what was proposed in 2003, and i would just say that
Mar 27, 2014 5:00am PDT
his current run for secretary of state. >> he has $70,000 in debt. it seems like around that time he and his political consultant embark on this campaign to retire it so they begin asking people among them federal undercover officers for money for that fun. for that fund. >> reporter: the feds say yee discussed the possibility of acquiring weapons including shoulder-fired missiles from the philippines in exchange for campaign contributions. he is also accused of offering to pass medical marijuana legislation again in exchange for campaign donations. the feds accuse him of accepting $10,000 in exchange for the senator's support of a contract for a healthcare related business. and yee is even accused of selling a state proclamation for cash. court documents detail many of yee's conversations with undercover agents including one where yee said he knew an arms dealer with contacts in russia and ukraine. joe vazquez, kpix 5. >> that federal investigation included raids on five bay area locations and one in sacramento. agents spent the day searching through yee's house in san francisco's s
Mar 21, 2014 4:30pm PDT
adequate posting has occurred here. it's a development site. my initial responses to the concerned members of the public was just a little surprised that this hadn't come up. that the trees on third street we didn't receive any protest. my understanding the site's being developed just a little surprised that this has come up. >> question, let's say there was no fence and you posted the trees, would there have been additional postings as well at that site? >> no. we would -- as long as those trees were visually accessible, with'd we'd just post the notices on the trunks of the trees and four pole locations on that block so we'd post four notices on the block, on telephone poles spread throughout and also on the trunks of the trees when they're accessible. >> thank you. questions? i'll start. i'm persuaded by the requester that the notice was inadequate. i think i heard from the department that there was an effort to make sure it was accessible. i'd be in favor of granting the request. when i walk around and see actual trees with posting on them it does make me stop and look at them.
Mar 3, 2014 9:00pm EST
, but it is some place where we feel we can bring pressure. >> talk about vladimir putin has perspective, based on what you know of his strategy and his experience in the past. >> we debate that, the basic answer is that we do not know. it is very hard to predict, we're all somewhat surprised by the aggression of the recent news. russia has important restaurants -- interest in the crimea, but that does not explain the kind of -- >> are those interest really being threatened by the revolution that is taking place in kiev? >> i do not think so. i think the threats that are used to justify these actions are really fabricated moves. that said, the turn towards russia that yanukovych had contemplated, that was through with his departure, we see them wanting to move more toward the west. i do not see that as a material threat to russia, it certainly does not need to be. in that sense, the sake -- statement by secretary kerry that there are many solutions are, i believe that. >> crimea is a semiautonomous region. what does that mean, and how does that impact the future of these even
Mar 19, 2014 6:00am PDT
has non-life threatening injuries and his name has not been released. police at this hour are guarding the home because of department of public works is supposed to come and board everything up. we know daily city police as well as the d.a.'s office has this under investigation. live in pacifica tara moriarty ktvu channel 2 morning news. >>> an officer involved shooting is under investigation this morning and that happened before 6:00 yesterday evening along the boulevard. they offered a short chase and one of them was approached by the car. >> based on what we heard from witnesses, it a appears as they he was hit. he was taken to the hospital, a standard procedure and the officer is on paid leave while the investigation continues. >>> they are planning to limit how much landlords can raise rent for improving properties. in the agreement they will not be allowed to cover the cost of improvements. now city council has to ratify the leave move and 54-year-old cap tape from pregnant trophy has issued disciplinary actions. the i don't has not -- captain has not commented on the al
Mar 7, 2014 3:30pm PST
administration which has so profoundly misunderstood who vladimir putin is and so profoundly misunderstood the nature of power and of politics as it relates to that region, that that's something -- she's not able to throw up her hands and say, what does it matter? this is a big deal. how do you explain the gap between reset and crimea? >> well, i think as secretary of state hillary clinton definitely held the line against putin. she's been very aggressive, continues to be. i think we'll hear that over and over again. she's the kind of leader this country is looking for. we can see it in the polls every day. not just democrat, mind you, but she's leading across the board because of her leadership in the world and particularly in the united states with women and families. so you've got both going on. and i'm really pleased that she's out there speaking for us. >> first of all, the reset button, obviously, short circuited. this is a ridiculous attempt, what they did there, that photo op. in her time iran got the bomb. ukraine is under water. benghazi, the disaster at benghazi. o
FOX News
Mar 6, 2014 11:00pm PST
looked more in his element than he has probably sings the scandal broke a couple months ago now. >> you say he wowed the crowd. straw poll on saturday. would you describe his wowing. >> i would be shocked if he won the straw poll at cpac. he impressed people. people were more inclined to like him than not like him. he wasn't each invited to this gathering a year ago. he certainly didn't need conservatives in winning in new jersey. he needs them now there is a growing since at least among conservatives they may need chris christie. >> john, come back kid? >> it was a good speech. it was the kind of speech he needed to give to make inroads among conservatives skeptical about him after he embraced the president. you saw him ripping obama. harry reid he touted his pro-life views. it's the kind of things that would help assure conservatives. i would agree with rick at the bridge gate scandal liberate him he is not trying to appeal to the media appeal to democrats. if that scandal doesn't end up doing him in. rite now we don't have foreknowledge. they haven't proved anything. in a way
Mar 1, 2014 11:00pm PST
streets in glendora. kills 34 people. in the years since, los angeles has built huge debris basins in the foothills as a defense against mud slides. >> this is one of our bigger basins in the area. 40 to 50% fool at the moment. >> reporter: steve is an la county engineer. >> on the other side of this, there is a whole subdivision. so this saved these homes. >> the purpose of this is to hold back the debris that comes down from the hillside. >> reporter: many homeowners have taken their own protective measures. tom verde has built a line of defense behind his house. >> everything is so saturated. show we don't have the rainfalling on us right now, we know if a cell comes over here, it could release mud like an avalanche. we are still on pins and needles until the storm is over. >> and just when you think you have seen it all, santa cruz homeowner may have one of the most unusual insurance claims ever. look at that. a hole has opened none his front driveway. a geyser of water shoots into the air. the home is off limits until engineers can figure out how the blowhole in the driveway form
Mar 27, 2014 8:00am PDT
destroyed by hit crime. office that provided abortions among other services in montana has been forced to close after a vandal systematically broke or slashed practically every object and surface. we will speak with the owner, susan cahill, of all families health care. and then the unknown known. there were one or two, or three, but there were not all of these so-called memos. they were mischaracterized as torture memos and they came not out of the bush administration, per se, but under the u.s. department of justice. >> academy award-winning documentary filmmaker errol morris talks about his new film, "the unknown known." does rumsfeld apologize for the iraq war? we will find out. all that and more coming up. to democracy now!,, the war and peace report. i'm amy goodman. continues anma overseas tour in italy today where he is meeting with pope francis for the first time. wraping up a visit to brussels, obama delivered an address criticizing russia for annexing ukraine and using what he called brute force. >> of course, ukraine is not a memo -- member of nato, i
Al Jazeera America
Mar 3, 2014 2:30pm EST
. be camp lejeune has innovative ways of technology to combat this problem. the ugliness of war has made an indelible mark on the minds of many americans. and can linger longer after deployment has ended. posttraumatic stress disorder or ptsd was first diagnosed in 1980 but has existed for as long as there has been war. >> clearly it appears the underlying cause of those conditions were the same as the underlying causes whra what we call posttraumatic stress. we know very little of what is at the cellular level of what's causing them. the only way we can find out those answers is through technology. >> one promising technology deals with the very air that we breathe. dr. l daniel leslie at the naval hospital in camp lejeune, north carolina, is being conducting an experiment where 100% oxygen is delivered to veterans in an effort to heal injury. >> nobody knows the answer yet, one thing we do know is the brain is getting more oxygen, the entire body is getting more oxygen, the ability to being being. >> caused by an explosion where the resulting concussion causes damage to the brain.
Mar 9, 2014 6:00pm PDT
has happened. >> reporter: rescuers in the air and on the water continue to search the maritime border between malaysia and vietnam. today this object was discovered in the same area where a search plane spotted two oil-slicks yesterday. mark rosenkerr is a former chairman of the n.t.s.b. and is cbs news contributor. >> they're looking for any signs of a debris field, any pieces that might be part of the aircraft. once they find that, they'll have a better opportunity of pinpointing where the real location of the wreckage would be. >> investigators in malaysia are reviewing security camera footage of the kuala lumpour airport and paying close attention to two passengers who were flying with stolen passports. both tickets were purchased through a code share with china southern airlines and were sequential which may indicate the passengers were traveling together. u.s. officials told cbs news they had so far made no links to terrorism. interpol is also investigating more suspect passports that could have been used to board the missing plane. two-thirds of the passengers are chines
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